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You'll definitely be doing the Alabama or Louisiana Shuffle after you try this! When you go through a chip aisle or cookie aisle there are many different flavors but when you go down the beef jerky area oh, there are only three to five manufacturers with the same flavor. I'm ready to step on toes and give the public what they deserve: quality and freshness made with brisket, not a cheap piece of meat!

where to find us

30+ stores throughout Indiana. Grocery and convenient stores like Beasler's market, IGA, Save-A-Lot, Holiday foods, Marathon, Clark, and Sunoco. Visit our map here.

It all started with some fate and faith. 

At the start of 2020, Troy was laid off which was supposed to be a short-term layoff that ended up being a long-term because of Covid-19. Then God showed Troy a sign to say “it's time to get started.” 

25 years ago, Troy met a guy that had jerky seasoning he sold from at a boat and travel show. “I was in my young twenties. I became a distributor of his seasoning. Even though people did not want to purchase the seasoning, they did want to purchase me making jerky with the seasoning. Over time I had enough product and lost track of the man making this seasoning. Somehow during Covid-19, an old bill from 25 years ago landed on my dresser. I've moved a few times so how do you explain the unexplained? I thought if I could find the man and resurrect this seasoning, I will get the business started again. With God's help and guidance showing me what I needed to do, this is where I'm at today. 

Turkey Run Jerky debuted in September of 2021 at the Little Italy Festival in Clinton, Indiana

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